With a little help from my friends...

Hey guys, I know this page and project goes through long stretches of nothing happening, and mostly it's because of my motivation going through long stretches of lows.
But I'm glad to report that today I have updated the Riven book with eight more pages and also included the Boiler island map, which means that the "story" has progressed to that island. There are also a few new sketches and illustrations as well.

Help with motivation

And there is something else - I recently linked to my Myst project on Reddit which got a few comments, and especially one from the user Jaberkaty which liked the project and asked if I wanted help writing.
At first I thought that hey, I've managed fine writing it all thus far, why would I need help, then I realized that no - I really haven't managed fine, unless "fine" equals long stretches of nothing happening. So on second thought - perhaps this is the kind of motivation I could use - someone that helps me drive the project forward? We'll, let's put it to the test, huh?
So I set up a Google Docs document and shared it with her, and she's been in "suggesting" mode correcting spelling mistakes and sorting through some stuff, and a few days back she added a fair bit about Boiler Island and our dialog has been really good thus far. My main concern is that the "style" of writing should be at least somewhat consistent, but from what I've seen so far, it seems to work really nice.
So for this latest update, the text from "Boiler island" is written by her, not me. I've made some small changes and addendums to it, though.
So who is "Jaberkaty"? Well, her real name is Katy England and lives in Maine. She has worked as staff writer and editor for The Maine Edge, a weekly arts and entertainment publication, for more than nine years. In her spare time she writes writes for mods on the Skyrim Nexus, including Prowler’s Profit: Immersive Clues to the Stones of Barenziah, with Loopy Cecil and The Black Horse Courier Reborn, with Sagittarius.
She enjoys writing fiction, making lists, and playing with her triplets and cat in the wilds of Maine. You can read samples of her work at www.beingprompt.com
I feel that there is every chance now that this book can get back on track and see some real progress. Now all I have to do is keep up with her "story" with images and illustrations, but that's the fun part!
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