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My real Myst Book

A long time ago I found a really old book at this antique book store. I bought for about a dollar and then went to a hobby supplies store and bought a huge bunch of "antique looking" paper. Then I took this to an old fashioned book binder, who ripped out all the old pages and inserted my stained and old looking blank pages. Now I had my own blank Myst journal!
This is not a replica of something found in the games, but meant to be a journal, something The Stranger keeps with him to keep his notes in. So I started to play the games again and use old notes as well, and slowly started to fill it with notes and thoughts from the game.
I stopped doing it eventually. Partly because it's a huge project in itself, but also because I only get one chance to do it right, and I grew displeased with some illustrations in it, so my heart sank a bit.
Also, it's quite hard to "show off" to the general Myst fan population out there as well, which is why I started to make a digital version instead, which has come along a bit longer by now - although progress is pretty slow even there!
Regardless, the book is truly awesome to hold in your hands, and for the most part, the content in it is quite nice as well - well the few pages it has come along that is.
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