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My Myst Book Project

Welcome to my Myst Book project. This page will contain all news, progress images and of course, the finished product. But first, what is my Myst Book Project? Read a bit about it here
And hey, I know that this project has been running for a full decade now and just about nothing happens. It's a real shame and I dislike it as much as you guys do. Sorry about that!

Laser cutting my Myst Island

I was contacted by a person that wanted the high resolution map for my Myst Island to laser cut it as a relief, and he sent me a picture of this test piece, which I found immensely cool!

More shading and water

Not a huge progress, but some shading and some water. Maybe just an excuse to post something,

Survey Island, what is happening?

Don't you guys just hate it when you find a project online and it seems all promising and cool and then the "artist" just doesn't update and nothing happens for years and years? Yeah, me too

Myst linking book and Gehn's Inkwell

I was obviously one of the many that supported the Myst kickstarter campaign and got my Myst linking book and Gehn's inkwell today. I love it!

Progress snapshot: Survey Island

I'm done with the basic shading on Survey Island now. It is drawn twice since we have two levels on the island, so I'll be doing them separately. Next step is starting to add details.

Starting to see the light

Maybe this island map will be done one day, after all? I've worked on this on and off for a LONG time, and it just never get prioritized. Sorry about that! Here is my latest progress. I've added some water, and the grid you have for the puzzle.

First pass of highlights

Now I can start adding details