Welcome to my Myst Book project. This page will contain all news, progress images and of course, the finished product. But first, what is my Myst Book Project? Read a bit about it here

Progress snapshot: Survey Island

I'm done with the basic shading on Survey Island now. It is drawn twice since we have two levels on the island, so I'll be doing them separately. Next step is starting to add details.

Obduction from Cyan

So, Cyan is currently gearing up to create a new game, they had a Google Hangout where people could ask questions about the project and Rand Miller along with the crew pretty much answered as little as possible - as expected!

Boiler Island Map

Yes, it's finally done, my Boiler Island Map. I'm not far enough in the actual book to include it yet, but I suppose that's the next step?

Mysterium 2013 Convention Book

I was asked by Kapera on DeviantArt if I wanted my Myst illustration in the 2013 Mysterium Convention Book, which sounds really interesting. I've never seen one and I can't really comment on how "big" such a thing is, but I'm certainly interested in being part in anything that brings my illustrat...