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Create a physical book from my digital book

This entire "project", if it can even be called that since it's going so incredibly slow, started way back when I started playing Myst but got a real new start when I decided to buy an old book and have it rebound with vintage paper to create the ultimate Myst notebook. I started to work on it an... Read more

Survey Island

It is done! Here is my version of the Survey Island in Riven, it can now also be found in the Riven book

Someone is trying to sell my map!

I stumbled upon this listing on Etsy! Filthy thieves! I am going to assume they're using my low resolution version of my map which menas that anyone buying their largest version would be very disappointed.

Myst book updated

My Myst digital book has been updated, it's now 35 pages and with some new illustrations in it. I am trying to use Apple Pages for the layout and I'm unsure whether I can make it work properly. I would love to rid myself of Adobes software, but maybe not yet, we'll see.

Laser cutting my Myst Island

I was contacted by a person that wanted the high resolution map for my Myst Island to laser cut it as a relief, and he sent me a picture of this test piece, which I found immensely cool!

Mechanical Age map

An updated version of my old Mechanical Age map that I drew for my Digital Myst Book project. If you want to use it, please tell me about it at

More shading and water

Not a huge progress, but some shading and some water. Maybe just an excuse to post something,

My Myst Book Project

Welcome to my Myst Book project. This page will contain all news, progress images and of course, the finished product. But first, what is my Myst Book Project? Read a bit about it here
And hey, I know that this project has been running for a full decade now and just about nothing happens. It's a real shame and I dislike it as much as you guys do. Sorry about that!