Yes I know, sometimes there are years without anything happening here, and I hate it as much as you do. I come back to this page now and then and just sigh...
  • Survey Island, what is happening?
    Apr 29 11:59 am
    Survey Island, what is happening?
    Don't you guys just hate it when you find a project online and it seems all promising and cool an...
  • Progress snapshot: Survey Island
    Progress snapshot: Survey Island
    I'm done with the basic shading on Survey Island now. It is drawn twice since we have two levels ...
  • Starting to see the light
    Starting to see the light
    Maybe this island map will be done one day, after all? I've worked on this on and off for a LONG ...
  • First pass of highlights
    First pass of highlights
    Now I can start adding details
  • Basic shading DONE!
    Basic shading DONE!
    Yes, finally! This is huge progress! I've took some time out and finnished the basic layer of sha...
  • Riven Island map
    Riven Island map "tutorial"
    A small video I did a while back that shows how I draw the maps. Not anything particularly intere...
  • A bit more...
    A bit more...
    Yeah, this is going slowly because shading this island is a bitch! But still, I'll share the prog...
  • A bit more progress on Boiler island
    A bit more progress on Boiler island
    As I said, progress is extremely slow, but at least something is happening every month or so... O...
  • Most favorited
    Most favorited
    My Myst Island map on DeviantART is the artwork in my feed that has the single most favorites. It...
  • All shading and no play makes Sandman a dull boy
    All shading and no play makes Sandman a dull boy
    So, progress is SLOW. Partly because it's all rock shading now and that is booooring, but also be...
  • Boiler Map, progress shot
    Boiler Map, progress shot
    Boiler map progress shot. Most of the paths are laid out and the rock shading is progressing (alb...
  • Boiler Map, first post
    Boiler Map, first post
    Progress image of Boiler Island! This is just the very first sketch, the outline is done and I?ve...
  • The Analogue Myst Book
    The Analogue Myst Book
    A collection of the different stuff The book cover I?m going to do a more in-depth thing on th...
  • Jungle Island map is DONE!
    Jungle Island map is DONE!
    The Jungle Island map is DONE! I'll include it in the book soon enough. This is a huge island, to...
  • Jungle Island progress
    Jungle Island progress
    Jungle Island Map is coming along nicely. The Rock shading is pretty much completed and I am plea...
  • Myst Island updated
    Myst Island updated
    Here's an update to the original Myst Island map, I've redone the trees on it because I wanted a ...
  • Progress?
    It may seem like hardly nothing happens between these shots, but there are several hours of work ...
  • Gehn's crest
    Gehn's crest
    This is Gehns crest, as a quick sketch. I'll put this into the book later. I just needed a short ...
  • Shading away
    Shading away
    Progress! The shading is a SLOW process, but I?d say that about half is done or something like th...
  • Tempe Island map is done!
    Tempe Island map is done!
    The Temple Island Map is finally done, here it is in all its glory!