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The Analogue Myst Book

A collection of the different stuff The book cover I?m going to do a more in-depth thing on this later, but here are two images of my NON-digital version of the Myst Book. So, this is an actual book I bought at a second-hand bookshop. It?s from the 18th century and it?s name was ?Postilion? (which is still written on the spine. I took it to a book-binder that ripped out all the pages and bound it with antique-looking blank pages. So in my hands I had an old-looking book that was completely blank. Awesome! I started to illustrate and write about my Myst journey in it but I realized soon that it was hard to share it online with the fan community and thus my idea of a digital version was born.
The analogue version is nowadays way behind the digital one. It stops somewhere half-way through the first game. Perhaps I?ll take the time to try to finish it as well some day.