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Create a physical book from my digital book

This entire "project", if it can even be called that since it's going so incredibly slow, started way back when I started playing Myst but got a real new start when I decided to buy an old book and have it rebound with vintage paper to create the ultimate Myst notebook. I started to work on it and it got pretty far until I decided that it was way more fun to create a digital version that I could share online and with the fan community.
The digital version is done, more or less. Will it ever be done? I find myself fiddling with it now and then to add or update parts of it. But in theory I could print the digital version and have it actually bound to a physical book. And this is where I am now, in the process of learning book binding, and see if I can make a good physical version of my Myst book. It would be so cool!
And I am also toying with the idea of selling physical version of the book to fans, but I've yet to receive a reply from Cyan about that.
The idea is that it wouldn't be just the digital version printed, I would make a print version without all the photographs, and then include them physically with paper clips instead of that being printed. That way they would all "hide" the underlying text but you can physically move them and it would make the book thicker and more of an object in itself.
I am also considering printing all the maps seperately to include them as folded maps inside the book, as well as printed copies of all the in-game notebooks and things like that. It's an idea and we'll see what becomes of it
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