Temple Island map

There are many illustrations in my Digital Myst Book project, and I've decided to provide at least the maps as a separate download, mostly because there aren't lots of good Myst maps out there.
Here is the Temple Island Map from Riven I drew for my Digital Myst Book project. If you want to use it, please tell me about it at
The map is in JPG format and is drawn by hand on a computer, using a Wacom Cintiq 21UX. The format is 1000x722 pixels and is meant for web use. If you want a bigger map (2928x2113) with transparencies and in layers for some print job, contact me and we'll see what we can do.
So, again - free to use for personal use, but please let me know what you use it for and I'll even include you on this page. Click the image above for a larger version that you can drag to your desktop.
You can see it in place in my Myst Book Project, just click on the Riven book
  • vercatosso 02/07/2011
    vercatosso 02/07/2011
    So helpful! I'm playing Riven for the first time, and your maps are helpful -- and they look beautiful! Thank you for making these!
  • Jonas Eklundh 02/21/2011
    Jonas Eklundh 02/21/2011
    Reply to vercatosso above
    You're welcome! smile
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